Exeter Chiefs train at Holne Park House

Holne Park House Corporate and CRS Adventures ran a two-day training programme for the Exeter Chiefs, in preparation for the squad’s pre-season campaign.

The action-packed programme, which was centred around team-building, involved an array of timed challenges; from tractor pulling, and dismantling and rebuilding canons, to raft racing and a multi-terrain mud run.

Each challenge lasted approximately 45 minutes – and ensured that each team member was challenged both physically and mentally to prepare them for the gruelling season ahead.

In the evening, the team enjoyed a BBQ and some much needed down-time, before the next day’s activities started, where they tackled the high ropes and zip wires.

Roger Sell, General Manager at CRS Adventures, said: “It was a brilliant day and we are thrilled the team had so much fun. We put together a bespoke programme that we knew would challenge and entertain.

“We have the perfect venue for hosting team building days that really make a difference. Each training programme can be tailored to a client’s requirements to ensure they get the most out of their time with us.”

Tony Rowe, Chairman and CEO of Exeter Chiefs commented: “Thank you to Holne Park House and CRS Adventures for everything you did to make the two days of pre-season so enjoyable for the lads. That’s the secret – if you can make work fun and enjoyable, you are half way there.”

Team photo
Pulling rope